He is in control

Psalm 18:4-9 Psalm 18:5 5 The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me.. When we are faced with the many people around us which seem to be against us, or the danger of what is ahead of us, we get very afraid and lose sight of what is possible. Fear is something that will break us down and destroy us before we even go into our battle. David realises just how much fear can bear upon us and break down our fortitude before we have even been touched by our enemies. David was surrounded by men who were no longer following God and all he could see by himself was death and destruction – enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. But even in this state he remembers what God can do and what He has done in the past. Maybe even because of this terrible state was he able to see the strength of God shining through everything else. It was now that he could see what happens to his prayers as he lifts them up to God. The picture he painted here in this Psalm should give us the courage to lift up our prayers even in our darkest hours. The picture painted is that even his little prayers, the prayers of just one soul seeking God, were lifted up into heaven by some means and reached God’s own ears. God was able to hear his prayers perfectly as if he was standing there speaking in person. And when our prayers reach up to God He starts to react to our prayers; but because God is not limited by time, those answers may come before we know it or we may have to wait some time. What is not in question here is the power of God. David describes God’s power in terms that he could understand. The power of an earthquake. Nobody is able to stop an earthquake or to lessen the shockwaves sent out by that quake. Nobody can prevent one from happening in their town or city. Similarly with the power of fire or even a volcano; nobody can prevent the damage from happening. Yes we can do various measures in order to lessen the effect on us personally, but preventing a natural disaster is not something we can do. We may prefer to see it as if God were able to shorten the distance between heaven and earth so that He could reach out with His hands and


touch us. But because God is all powerful we need to remember that He is the one who does control all of this already!


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