The rock

Psalm 18:30-32 Psalm 18:31 31 For who is God save the LORD? or who is a rock save our God If you wear glasses you will find out that having dirty glasses does not help you to see that clearly! If we try to look through a window that has got something smeared all over it we will find that it can be difficult to see anything on the other side. Just because we cannot see clearly does not mean that what we are trying to look at is not perfect or correct. God’s ways are perfect and just because we cannot see that they are perfect because of the way that we look at them through our sinful lives does not mean that there are mistakes in anything God does do! As long as we are willing to trust in God and believe that His ways are perfect then we should not have any problem with His ways. Yes we may find it hard to accept His ways at times because we see (or fail to see) so much other stuff and we try to make up our own minds on what we see instead of having faith. But God is God! There is only one God and it is our Lord Jehovah and there is none other besides Him. There is no other god that is like Him because all other gods have been made by man to fulfil a need or a desire. Man likes to call all sorts of things god because he then has control on what those gods can do. All the idols of gold, silver, wood and stone are all created by man and not by God Himself. Because they are all created it is not proper to lift them up as gods because they are created like everything else. And the best part of this is that He is our God, our Rock our Hope and our Salvation! If we are willing to trust in Him and place our hope in Him then we will see the glorious strength, stamina and grace and mercy that He bestows upon us. Yes we can become fit through training. Yes we can become intelligent through learning. Yes we can accomplish so much in our lives; but never forget that it is God who is allowing those things into our lives so that we can expand and grown as He nurtures each of us. David saw the power of God time and time again as he tripped up and fell so many times. God continued to be there for David as he got up, fell down, jumped overboard, came back crawling and even ran away. God is the constant. God is the rock. God is perfect and remains the same as He has always been. Trust in Him!


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