Letter to the Daughter of the King

My Precious,

Adoraasi  anak 2

There’s nothing you look forward  in life , than seeing everyone confess their love to each other all over social media… wedding etc

You see love painted all over as you  walk into stores and seeing roses, chocolates and heart shaped balloons taking over the pavements.

The cliché things that people tell you during the low days to help you feel better.

About how love comes when you least expect it.

About what a catch you are and how lucky some guy will be to have you.

And I know that you are tired of being a bridesmaid for the infinity-th time (if that is even a word).

That going to weddings is just not your thing, and that you are sick of answering the questions people ask about that wedding ring that’s not on your finger yet or how old you are !!

That no matter how happy you are for your best friend who just met the man of her dreams, you have those nights when you cry to God and ask “why is that not me?” ,

That you know all about “Being satisfied in Christ” and the 1000 reasons of why this season is such an amazing gift.

That you’ve already figured out your options for “Plan B” which having a couple of dogs, becoming  that old lady with loads of dogs, or just getting by each day trying to figure out what to do next.

I know that you already have your icecream,pastries chocolates  waiting for you in the fridge for tonight along with your stack of romantic chick flicks.. not to forget THE NOTEBOOK or PS I LOVE YOU (ma fav actually).

I know that you can’t wait for today to be over and for tomorrow to start.

I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes many times, and still do stumble upon those moments quite often.

But there’s also something I have learned over the years that has changed it all around for me.

And it’s the fact that I get to choose how I will live this season and make the best of it.

I choose whether I will embrace it and use the opportunities that come my way

I choose whether I will be bitter or whether I will remain hopeful.

I choose whether I will see things on the bright side and keep on trusting God for my life or whether I will keep on asking “why not me” and cry myself to sleep.

I choose whether I will look at others who are in love and be bitter that I don’t have that yet or I can choose to be content in the truth that God knows best and at the moment that’s not His plan for me.

I read so many blogs by girls who complain about their single years , I feel for them.

You are the one who determines whether having a ring on your finger defines you.

You are the one who determines whether or not having a man by your side is what gives you worth.

You are the one who determines whether you will embrace this season of your life, or waste it foolishly.

I know it’s hard. Its super hard

I know you have many empty promises ,unanswered questions and unfulfilled or broken dreams.

I know you want someone next to you to spend your life with. Or Go home to .

I know you may feel alone but singleness is only a lonely road to walk on if you make it so.

Don’t allow it to be.

Don’t allow it to be the defining point of your life.

Don’t allow it to shatter your dreams and steal your joy.

Don’t allow it to make you lonely and bitter and mad at the world.

That’s what the enemy wants to do.. Rob the precious time of you being moulded into the wife, mother  and the Woman ,God wants you to be.

You don’t have to pretend that it’s easy or that you like it but you can embrace it, you can grow through it, and you can trust God in it. It’s painful but worth the pain

Because I know who I am in Christ.

And the fact that not having a man next to me doesn’t define me or satisfy me or my identity.

I know that just because I have my timeline that  I planned in my head ,doesn’t mean I’m in parallel with God’s timeline

I’m exactly where I need to be not want to be. That’s where God wants me to be

I know that it’s not a ring on my finger that determines how loved I am but a man that hung on a cross two thousand years ago.

I know that in Christ I am 100% complete and so are you. No flaws ,No blemish !!


Don’t give up on yourself, on life, and on God because you got no roses,cards or poems .

Instead turn to His Word and read the greatest love story ever told.

It’s the one about the man who left heaven to pursue you.

The one about the man who suffered to show how much you mean to Him.

The one about the man who died on a cross to spend eternity with you.

I don’t know about you… but that story alone is enough to convince me that I am worth more than
my relationship status and the presence or absence of a wedding ring on my finger.

Stop focusing on what you lack and start focusing on what you have: the greatest friend and love you will ever need.

Just because this chapter in your life doesn’t include Mr. Right just yet never forget that it’s just one chapter. You have many more to go before your story ends.

Trust God to write the one that’s perfect for you when the time is right… choose to celebrate the fact that you are complete in Him.wedding-rings-on-hands-black-and-whitewe-belong-to-another---bound-to-christ-klztcw8r

 “Stop waiting for love and start living. There are many stories your life is meant to tell. Finding love is just one chapter.”- 


Lincy Hepsiba.


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