It meant the world to me </3

While I was cleaning my room this evening , I found this poem that I had written way back in 2006.Brought back so many memories..

My first attempt to write a love poem..


The first day I saw you ,

My heart tore apart. 

To invite you in, 

To rule me within.

Your very smile brightened up even my most gloomy or cloudy day.

The tender touch of your hands made my heart miss a beat.

The very sight of you overwhelmed my heart.

Whenever our eyes met , the spark from your eyes set my heart on fire

Everyday I sit by the window waiting to get a glimpse of you

The very sight of you, made my heart feel I won a mighty battle.

Everyday I battle with my heat to be truthful to myself

The attraction was so strong that I couldn’t resist that it broke all forces of nature.

My knees were knocking and my blood ran cold when I told you that 

I loved you.

But your reply was all but a “NO”

My heart sank and shattered into millions pieces.

The pain to gather the pieces was so painful than the pain endured by the slay of a sword.

Is that all i was waiting for

Just to hear that two letter word.

Which might have not meant anything to you .

But it did the world to me.

– Lincy

When I was just reading through ,I realized how much I have grown emotionally , spiritually and mentally.

I’m not that 16 yr swift teenager anymore , I have blossomed into this woman that God had designed or had in mind.

I remember  how much of an emotional roller-coaster ride it was for me to hear and gulp down those gruesome words from the guy I ever loved (serious puppy crush..ah!) . My first rejection from a guy !

My first deepest insecurity was confirmed: I was unlovable. My fear of rejection had now become an unbearable reality.I had so many unanswered questions of the past which I did let go.

Now I find it ridiculously trivial and funny but  back then it was shattering and unbearable, coz  I tasted rejection : An emotional pain, and it hurt more as that of physical pain.

When our hearts are broken, we limp along, wondering how we ended up here and if we’ll ever make it

So when we endure these heartbreaks ourselves—rejection, betrayal, abandonment—we don’t walk through them alone. God has walked that road himself. And in some mysterious way, when our hearts are broken, we’re given new insight into the very character of God.

I don’t know what your heartbreak looks like—if you’re barely holding the fragile pieces together or if everything has shattered in so many places you don’t even know where to begin.

Needless to say, this isn’t a road we would have chosen. But along the way, we cling to the hope that God just may redeem this heartbreak and, in the process, give us glimpses into who he is.

When you feel like your heart is broken beyond repair, remember that nothing about this place is ordinary.

You are uniquely poised, at this very moment, to share an intimate part of God’s character. It’s the place of the broken heart, and it’s sacred ground.

God Loves you beyond measure




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